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BiKi Technologies provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with innovative computational tools based on molecular dynamics
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Publication: Allosteric Communication Networks in Proteins Revealed through Pocket Crosstalk Analysis. In this study by La Sala  and co-workers recently published in the ACS Central Science, scientists from CONCEPT Lab and Laboratory of Molecular Modeling and Drug Discovery  (IIT – Italy),  and BiKi Technologies s.r.l. (Italy) report on the development and application of innovative computational tools for pocket protein formation and protein allostery study from Molecular Dynamics simulations (ACS)










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BiKi Basic

Making your life easier for MD simulation

BiKi Hydra

Persistence water molecules determination inside the binding site

BiKi MD-Binding

A complete solution for fully flexible protein-ligand binding based on molecular dynamics

BiKi Netics

Binding Kinetics determination in Drug Discovery


Develop special purpose algorithms and software


Sponsor of the XI EWDD 2017

BiKi Technologies is a proud sponsor of the XI EWDD ! Come visit us in Certosa di Pontignano (Siena, Italy) May 21-26 2017. We will present case studies with our new BiKi Life Sciences suite 1.3!

Sponsor of the 21st EuroQSAR

BiKi Technologies is a proud sponsor of the 21st EuroQSAR Meeting! Come visit us in Verona September 4-8 2016.

BiKi  awarded at X-EWDD 2015

BiKi at X EWDD 2015

BiKi Technologies will attend the Tenth edition of European Workshop in Drug Design 2015 in  Siena (Italy), which brings together researchers from universities and the pharmaceutical industry. BiKi Life Science Software Environment will be introduced  and exercises will be done during the working sessions.

The themes will be:

  • Accelerating ligand unbinding via scaled molecular dynamics
  • Preparing a protein-membrane simulation and BiKi scripting
  • Clustering of molecular dynamics trajectories and using results for virtual screening

More information here

Let’s meet in Siena!

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