BiKi Technologies provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with innovative computational tools based on molecular dynamics
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Publication: Fast Dynamic Docking Guided by Adaptive Electrostatic Bias: The MD-Binding Approach. In this study, Spitaleri and co-workers report on the development and application of innovative computational tools to study protein-ligand and protein-peptide binding via enhanced MD using MD-Binding protocol.

Publication: BiKi Life Sciences: A New Suite for Molecular Dynamics and Related Methods in Drug Discovery. In this paper, we introduce the BiKi Life Sciences suite. This software makes it easy for computational medicinal chemists to run ad hoc molecular dynamics protocols in a novel and task-oriented environment; as a notebook, BiKi (acronym of Binding Kinetics) keeps memory of any activity together with dependencies among them. It offers unique accelerated protein–ligand binding/unbinding methods and other useful tools to gain actionable knowledge from molecular dynamics simulations and to simplify the drug discovery process.


BiKi Basic

Making your life easier for MD simulation

BiKi Hydra

Persistence water molecules determination inside the binding site

BiKi MD-Binding

A complete solution for fully flexible protein-ligand binding based on molecular dynamics

BiKi Netics

Binding Kinetics determination in Drug Discovery


Develop special purpose algorithms and software

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